About Lincoln Marriner

Sales Representative

Lincoln epitomizes energy, hard work and creativity in every detail in your real estate transaction. Lincoln grew up in Barrie, Lincoln relocated to the UK for 7 years creating a successful coffee business and returning home with his wife and 2 children. My love for real estate grew when I renovated my first home in the UK. After moving back home we only chose Barrie as this is the place to be and where I wanted my children to spend their childhood.

I now have 14 years of successful real estate representing Sellers, Buyers, Investors and banks in both the Residential and Commercial market.

A family man, I am social and inviting but I am also an avid sportsman and super competitive by nature. This brings out the best of me when doing my job. Early to rise and straight at it all day is my Motto.

Lincoln uses his experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become a problem. Lincoln and his team initiate communication in every detail while working their clients from the first phone call all the way to completion.

There are 5 words that can describe the experience while working with my team.

Passion, Love, Commitment, Integrity and most of all FUN!